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In perusing the news today, I found an article about Feminists’ involvement in the Ferguson disturbances. My first reaction was to wonder what on earth feminists have to do with the Ferguson police shooting of Michael Brown. Could they really be concerned about police killing men? Impossible. Domestic disturbance incidents, usually involving women, are probably the single biggest source of police killings in the US. I’d put money on the fact that more men of every race are killed by police in domestic disturbance incidents than any other category of police killings. Very, very rarely is a woman killed by police in these responses. It’s almost unheard of. Kind of makes you wonder about this whole “patriarchy” thing, doesn’t it?

So I just had to take a look. Turns out the article is nothing more than a Democrat plea for solidarity.

Compared to the responses of black women soon after the shooting on August 9, the personal essays with titles like “thoughts on ferguson as a white woman” and “Feminism Is Not Just About Women’s Oppression” came relatively late. But to Perez, it demonstrated a significant shift.

“In feminism, I don’t think you get a lot of people talking about whiteness and privilege in such a high level way,” she said. “People felt called to voice something about what happened. It’s very emblematic of the crisis we face and because [the situation in Ferguson] is so racialized, they have to call that out.”

You get the picture.

However, buried within is a statement I found more interesting than the transparent feminist coalition-building:

American Enterprise Institute scholar Christina Sommers, author of “Who Stole Feminism?,” told She The People that young men in the United States, especially young men of color, are “far more vulnerable than their sisters,” but Steinem’s remarks on Ferguson counter the criticism she has launched in the past.

“We now have hundreds of special programs for girls and young women, but almost nothing for boys. But when the White House recently initiated a small program, My Brother’s Keeper, to help vulnerable black and Hispanic young men, there was an angry reaction from many feminists, including Gloria Steinem.”

I looked it up, and sure enough there’s the old crone Steinem’s name on a letter to the NY Times:
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